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Lightwell is a visualization, web design, and branding studio that uses cutting edge technology to improve design efficiency. Our mission is to promote sustainable development and social equality through visual communication. We offer a wide array of freelance services:

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Lightwell's New Rendering PC: When I started Lightwell last spring, I was optimistic that my trusty 6,2 MacBook Pro would be up for the job. I had recently endowed it with 8GB of RAM and it was crunching simple scenes in a couple of hours. Of course, as more jobs started rolling in, my efficiency plummeted.

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J. S. Benson Woodworking & Design: After three months of work, the website is officially live! Benson Woodworking & Design shares a workshop with Connor Homes, and I have been lucky enough to work with both companies over the past few months. Benson makes custom, high end windows, doors, and millwork.

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